Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering / Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering
(CSE Graduate School)


Direction of studies

With the integration of undergraduate and graduate education, many undergraduates are going on to graduate school, making it possible for them to enter more specialized, higher-level research work or positions as design and development engineers in the manufacturing sector. Areas of employment after graduation include the automotive industry, heavy industry, plants, precision equipment, iron and steel works, transportation, as well as service industries.

Pathways taken by graduates of the undergraduate division

A: Continued education 75.4%
B: Manufacturing 7.6%
C: Finance, trading companies and consulting 4.6%
D: Information 3.1%
E: Other companies 9.3%

Pathways taken by graduates of the master’s progam

A: Construction, architecture, building materials, and environment 26.0%
B: Oil and energy 12.0%
C: Information and communications 12.0%
D: Finance, trading companies and consulting 10.0%
E: Machinery, engineering and construction 8.0%
F: Chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industry 6.0%
G: Government 4.0%
H: Other companies 22.0%

Employment of graduates

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI, Resona Holdings, Inc., Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd., Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited., MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY CO., LTD., ITEC HANKYU HANSHIN CO.,LTD., NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd., The Meko Education Group, Inc., NITORI., TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD., NICHIHA CORPORATION., TSUNEISHI KAMTECS CORPORATION, Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., Toho Zinc Co.,Ltd., Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., DOWA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, IBM Japan, Ltd., FUJITSU LIMITED, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd., Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., K&O Energy Group Inc., THE KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC., NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION., JFE Steel Corporation, TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT., Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd., Accenture Japan Ltd, Weathernews Inc., Link and Motivation Inc., Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd., Simplex Inc., Nikko Systems Solutions, Ltd., Business Engineering Corporation., Co.,Ltd., NTT DATA Corporation, Government official (Comprehensive service), Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd., Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd., INPEX CORPORATION, Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd., from scratch Co.,Ltd., JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION, SHO-BOND CORPORATION., Teacher of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Matsumoto Suisan co.,ltd., Shiseido Company, Limited., Sato Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Kao Corporation, ITOCHU ENEX Co., Ltd., Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.